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Pumps & Motors


Due to increase of pump demand we decided to go production of  domestic pump within few years.

Now we are producing centrifugal pumps for irrigation and other purpose.

Gazi International the sister concern of GAZI GROUP the reputed industrial & marketing group of Bangladesh was founded in the year 2002 to import & distribute Water Pumps, Electric Motor, Power tillers, Diesel engine all over Bangladesh in our own brand name "GAZI PUMPS & MOTORS".


The vision of Gazi International at its day of inception was to introduce an European standard of Pump in Bangladesh market at a lower price than the European pumps & it is a matter of pleasure that during last 4 years GAZI Pumps has taken the position of number one pump marketing company of the country. This remarkable success has been achieved due to maintaining the high standard of quality & providing after sales service in all over the country through trained & skilled engineers & technicians. We are determined to uphold our success by ensuring the quality of products, building up long term relationship with customers, spreading our goodwill to all our valued users and doing continuous R&D of the market to meet the need & demand in future. The strength of the company is professional management, efficient sales & after sales service team & overall a network of sales of more than 2000 sales agents.


Products of Marketing:

1. More than 180 models of water pumps, which are Peripheral Pumps, Jet Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Irrigation Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Drainage Submersible Pumps etc.

2. Electric Motors (0.5 HP to 100 HP) for domestic & industrial sectors with 100% copper wires, 100% out put both are single phase & three phase.

3. Diesel Engine & Power Tiller.

Source of Importation:

1. Major portion of GAZI Pumps are imported from TAIZHOU TAIFU PUMP CO, LTD. of China. This company was founded in 1982 and is located in Wenling City popularly known as pump city in Zhejiang Province.

Taifu Pumps manufacturing different types of pumps since last 28 years on a covered areas of 80,000 sq. meter with more than 600 employees and a group of professional technical engineers & a strong R&D team. Scientific management and strict quality control system with advanced automatic production line and test equipment has uplifted TAIFU to the level of world class manufacturer of Water Pumps.

Taifu is a manufacturing company as well as global solution provider in 80 countries for Water Pumps, their product range are more than 450 items including Solar Pumps & Wind Turbine pumps, Circulating pumps, Deep Well submersible pump, Vibration Pump, Light multistage

Centrifugal Pump & domestic Pump (Peripheral Pump, general Centrifugal Pump, Automatic Pump, Irrigation Centrifugal Pump, General submersible Pump, Stainless Steel Submersible Pump),Specialty Pump (Sump Pump, Jet Pump, automatic Pump, transfer Pump, accessories, Structure Chart) etc. They have prestigious Certifications like UL, GS, TUV, CE, ROHS, ISO 9001, ISO 1401, OHSAS 1801 and they are long term supplier of world class companies like GRAINGER, HOMEDEPOT, LOWES,& GAZI etc. Total production capacity is more than 1.2 million per year which are 100% exported to continents of the world.

2. Pentax-Gazi Water Pumps is manufactured in Italy by famous PENTAX S.P.A maintaining international standard of quality & are being marketed in Bangladesh by GAZI INTERNATIONAL with full satisfaction from the users specially the industrial units. The Pumps of PENTAX S.P.A has earned high reputation in the world for its quality. PENTAX was established in the year 1990 received certification like UNIEN-ISO 9001, UNIEN-ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001:1999, TUB SEMKO & CE with production range of 200 models.

3. Gazi Saber Submersible Water Pumps are made in Ahmedabad of India by Sabar Pump Industries Ltd., a nationally awarded pump manufacturer of India. These pumps are marketed in the brand name of GAZI PRIME Pumps and are used mostly in Northern part of the country (BARENDRA REGION).

4. Diesel Engine & Power Tillers are imported from China from reputed manufacturers.

5. Gazi Electric Motors are also imported from China from a reputed manufacturer. These motors has already earned good name among small, medium & large industry owners for its high quality.

Own Products:

Gazi Pumps, Gazi Motors and Gazi products like PVC Pipe, Water Tanks are now used by the people of each & every village of Bangladesh. The remarkable success of marketing inspired us to produce Tube-well and CP Pump (used for irrigation when coupled with Diesel Engine) in Bogra since 2010. We have already achieved very high reputation among the rural people for the quality & reliability of the products.

In the conclusion, it can be said that GAZI GROUP provides complete solution of Water transportation & storage for domestic users, industrial units and farmers for irrigation. Especially GAZI INTERNATIONAL is confident about its capability to supply Water Pumps be it conventional electricity or solar electricity powered. Our supply chain management is very much efficient, marketing team is active & sales oriented, after sales service team are much vigilant to meet the problems of the users within shortest possible time.